Vaping and Nicotine

Ok, we love vaping as much as anyone else. Vaping is fun, it can taste pretty good, and also it's pretty cool. All things considered, it is a much better choice than cigarettes by a long shot. One common problem is that people who vape think it's so safe that they vape much more as they would normally smoke. People who would normally smoke 5 or 10 cigarettes start vaping 20 times a day or more. Vaping generate toxic chemicals. Everyone who vapes will deny this and say that what they vape is basically glycerin vapor and therefore without consequence. An easy clue to test this is through a smoke detector. Vaping against a smoke detector will trigger the smoke alarm. That is not a good sign since smoke detectors respond to carbon monoxide.

What the general public doesn't realize is that things that are completely safe for human consumption such as sugar, once burned release high concentrations of acetaldehyde, a well-known toxic carcinogenic. The same is true with vaping glycerin and propylene glycol, except this time the culprit is Formaldehyde, another dangerous acetaldehyde. All of these are very well documented. There is no escaping the fact that the human body is not meant to smoke, neither vape nor inhale vapors; they all produce chemicals that are cancer to humans.

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