Sugar Free Smokin’ Sweets! – Cinnamon Flavor

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  • Now with ZERO sugar!
  • 100% All Natural!
  • No aspartame, no acesulfame k, no splenda, no artificial sweeteners of ANY kind.
  • Made 100% from natural sugar alcohols (ie. Erythritol, Isomalt, Xylitol)
  • Promotes oral health and salivation.
  • Currently available in 1mg, 2mg and 4mg nicotine per lozenge.
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1 review for Sugar Free Smokin’ Sweets! – Cinnamon Flavor

  1. frank b.

    Oh my God! These things are bad ass!They completely take the jitters out of me I have been able to stop cigarette smoking Vaping In one week.

    The lozenges that I bought are 4 mg nicotine and they completely hold me over for about an hour and a half. They taste great. I especially like the cherry flavor in the sampler that they gave me. Let’s see how they work out on my 17 1/2 hour Flight this week

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