Smokin’ Sweets Spray – Mint Flavor Nicotine Spray!


  • Get fast relief with our brand new Smokin’ Sweets Spray!
  • No artificial sweeteners!
  • Contains no sugar!
  • Made with sugar alcohols such as Isomalt and Xylitol for fresh breath all day long! (What is Xylitol? Click here to know more!)
  • No more dry mouth or bad breath! Ever.
  • 4 sprays required to get to dose allowing for flexibility.
  • 800 total sprays per bottle!
  • 200 doses per bottle, 70% cheaper than popular brands!
  • Available in 1mg and 2mg! (4mg not available for this product)
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  • Smokin' Sweets Strawberry Nicotine Lozenge
    Smokin’ Sweets Strawberry Nicotine Lozenge
    • Our most popular fruit flavor!
    • Made from premium strawberry extracts and the best ingredients in the industry!
    • Contains no artificial flavors and no artificial sweeteners. 
    • Available in 1mg,2mg and 4mg of nicotine per lozenge. 
    • Currently on promotion at only $34.99 plus $5.49 shipping for 200 lozenges!
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1mg, 2mg