Smokin’ Sweets Spray – Blueberry Flavor Nicotine Spray!

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  • Get fast relief with our brand new Smokin’ Sweets Spray!
  • No artificial sweeteners!
  • Contains no sugar!
  • Made with sugar alcohols such as Isomalt and Xylitol for fresh breath all day long! (What is Xylitol? Click here to know more!)
  • No more dry mouth or bad breath! Ever.
  • 4 sprays required to get to dose allowing for flexibility.
  • 800 total sprays per bottle!
  • 200 doses per bottle, 70% cheaper than popular brands!
  • Available in 1mg and 2mg! (4mg not available for this product)
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3 reviews for Smokin’ Sweets Spray – Blueberry Flavor Nicotine Spray!

  1. Ben L.

    I absolutely love this new blueberry flavoured mouth spray. Great taste, fast shipping, highly recommend A+++

  2. Heather H.

    This has been very helpful for me in transitioning from cigarettes. Four quick sprays takes care of my craving and the flavor is mild. It is much less expensive or hassle than anything else, although I also like flavored nicotine toothpicks. Another factor for me is that I like this is a small company, unlike Nicorette, etc.

  3. John M.

    I have never smoked. I bought this brand because it is really low in nicotine. I wanted to use it as a cognitive enhancer. Nicotine is great for giving one good ability to focus on a task or project. Once or twice per day is all i sue it for. I only use 2 pumps per dose. This bottle will last me a long time. I am finding it quite effective at enhancing my ability to focus once I take it.

    hope this helps you too!!

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