Nicotine Facilitates Glycine Release

“Nicotine facilitates glycine release in the rat spinal dorsal horn”
Spinal Dorsal Horn Circuit[/caption] From the Journal of Physiology (2001), 536.1, pp.101–110, this study shows how much of an impact nicotine can have on some areas that are very counter intuitive. No one would ever think that nicotine, which works primarily on the brain, would also have a positive impact for something as far as the spinal dorsal horn. This paper is very technical in it’s nature but here are the technical findings: “In the most common response pattern, nicotine (10_5 M) reversibly and significantly facilitated the glycinergic mIPSC frequency without altering the mIPSC amplitude (Fig. 1Aa and B; n = 6/14, P < 0.01).”
“The accompanying right panels display traces of representative nicotine response recordings. Most commonly, nicotine selectively facilitated mIPSC frequency, a presynaptic response profile (A). In other neurons, nicotine both increased the mIPSC frequency and also evoked a steady inward current (postsynaptic response, B).”” “”Most commonly (62/169, 36.7 %), nicotine (3 w 10_6 M) increased the mIPSC frequency without affecting the mIPSC amplitude distribution (Figs 3A and 4).” If you wanna know more about what we are about, make sure to visit our site simply at and get your Smokin’ Sweets!

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