Nicotine, Emotional Priming and Eye Gaze

Effects of Nicotine and Emotional Priming on Ability to Inhibit Eye-Gaze Toward Emotional Stimuli in an Antisaccade Task in Non-Smokers
This is a very interesting article from Illinois University to dive through. It touches concepts such emotional priming and eye gaze related to nicotine.  Here is a brief summary, this post will be longer than usual but it does a job at summarizing the main effects of nicotine while introducing new variables.  The more we know about nicotine, it seems the more we realize we don’t know, and every study we find from published Universities point to exceedingly positive news. “Saccadic eye movement tasks like the antisaccade task (AST) have been used to assess impulsivity and response inhibition in a variety of populations, including tobacco-abstinent smokers. These findings support the view that emotional primes and targets can be important modulators of an inherent ability of nicotine to modulate cognitive and/or affective processes in poor baseline performing nonsmokers.
It is not clear why some individuals who experiment with smoking progress to nicotine dependence while others do not. One possibility suggested by the literature is that nicotine may enhance attentional performance during demanding tasks and that this may be experienced as reinforcing by some individuals.” “The present study, also sought to better understand the mechanisms that may reinforce nicotine self-administration. Smokers report believing that their primary reason for smoking is to enhance cognitive performance and to regulate mood (Gilbert, 1995; Spielberger, 1986). Thus, this study was designed to better characterize nicotine’s effects Nicotine on AST Impulsivity on cognitive performance with reaction time latency and mood regulation with emotional prime and target valences in a computerized AST.

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