Nicotine: A Stimulant or a Relaxant?

Nicotine a Stimulant Or Depressant


Millions of articles online discuss about the properties of nicotine, whether it is a stimulant or relaxant. Does it stimulate you, calm you or both at the same time? Well, it's all of the above. Sometimes it stimulates you only, sometimes it calms you only, and other times it does both at the same time. The answer is the one no one like to's complicated. Like mentioned many times, nicotine is unlike other drugs.

Nicotine should be considered as a tool to use to be able to control the subtle things within you that would be useful in your everyday life. Such things as being productive at work and have a general sense of wellbeing, and without knowing exactly why. It just works. The stigma attached to nicotine that makes people think that nicotine is bad because of cigarettes will not go away anytime soon. You must just remain informed about the latest studies that are done on nicotine and make your own research. Alternatively, we can do it for you and you can simply read it here.

There are many factors, such as tolerance, dosage and timing that make the difference between the stimulating effects of nicotine and its relaxing effects. For regular users, it is less a matter of tolerance, and more about dosage and timing. We'll assume for now you are a regular user and tolerance is not the issue and you've been using nicotine in its various forms for a few months at least. No matter who you are, the first dose of nicotine in the morning is unlike all the others, including even just the 2nd dose, it doesn't even come close. There isn't much literature concerning why this is so, after all why would anyone spend time and resources to know why the effects of nicotine is so much more pronounced very early in the morning, We can take a few guesses, such as it works just like any other drugs where the first one is always stronger, but no one knows for sure since nicotine doesn't deplete things such as dopamine or serotonin where you feel an obvious crash thereafter. Nicotine is just awesome, provided you use it on a regular basis, over long periods of time, and in some other ways than smoking cigarettes.

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