Is Nicotine for Everyone?

As a general rule, we strongly believe everyone can benefit from the use of nicotine, especially combined with coffee. There are some obvious exceptions such as people who are allergic, but for everyone else the benefits far outweigh everything else. The short list of everything else is addiction and cost. Both of these are remedied with low cost and high availability. If something is widely available and low cost, then neither cost nor addiction is problems anymore. If you are able to carry a box of candies anywhere you go for less than $0.20 per candy, what is the problem?

You are technically speaking, in some ways, also addicted to water. Can you go a full day without drinking a glass of water? Or have you gone a single day in the last 10 years of your life without water? It's easy to argue that water is different because your body naturally needs it. Well, there are people who are born on this planet unfortunately with anxiety issues and other mental issues for which cigarettes has been able to help tremendously to cope with their daily lives, and have done so for years, some people for the last 50 years. Are these people "addicted" to cigarettes, or do they simply "need" it for function in society?

It becomes a ridiculous conversation where as one party simply will not meet in half way and acknowledge that nicotine, if separated from cigarettes and transformed into a candy, cannot physically nor mentally harm you, in any way, and on the opposite effect, will provide tremendous relief.

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