Hitting The Right Spot And Productivity

Nicotine And Productivity

Hitting the right spot with nicotine can be a very difficult task depending who you are and if you have an addictive personality, but when done right nicotine has some of the most rewarding effects. Take 1 lozenges every 2 hours and your memory will improve, you will feel more coordinated; have better reaction time and overall much more productive.  You will be at the end of the day about to go to bed and think about your day and will be amazed at how much you have accomplished. Take 1 every 30 minutes and you will feel too relaxed, a bit sleepy and maybe start getting nauseous and this can take almost half an hour before you get back to base, and will then reject any more nicotine. If you can learn to control yourself over time, it doesn’t have to be overnight, nicotine is an amazing tool. Nicotine is not Adderall but nevertheless if taken consistently, in an intelligent manner, over a certain period of time; your life will most certainly improve in almost every possible way. You know your body more than anyone else, and regardless of your weight, gender and tolerance, your mind is special in its own way. Some people need more, some less. Nicotine is harmless enough that you can run your small experiments and measure your own results.

A trick: When taking a lozenge, after the lozenge has dissolved in your mouth and you feel the nicotine has kicked in and starts working do not chase that kick. Do not think you can take another lozenge to increase the kick and have more energy; this is extremely counterproductive as nicotine doesn’t work like that. We make nicotine lozenge in candy flavors not so you binge on them, but to provide your mind with an incentive to take a sweet nicotine lozenge instead of smoking. You now have a perfectly healthy substitute that can be used all day long, but it must be done through regular intervals. As a general rule of thumb, 90-120 minutes works best for most.

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