Does Nicotine Make You Lose Weight

Does Nicotine Make You Lose Weight

Now that the side effects of vaping are known, many smokers still use tobacco to for weight loss. The question is whether those who quit smoking and other nicotine users may also get the benefit of weight loss and if so, by what mechanisms. Besides the fact that cigarettes are made up of around fifty carcinogenic substances, the active ingredient in tobacco is nicotine. The effets described here for weight control are applicable for any smoking cessation method. Research and several studies show that smokers tend to gain less weight, or even get not insignifant weight loss, compared to non-smokers. Nicotine allows people to better control their hunger but also by the fact that stress is not discharged on food. Therefore, people consume less calories. This element is fundamental for losing weight: the body must draw its energy from its fat reserves.


Nicotine increases the basal metabolism . The consumption of nicotine forces the body to burn more calories than usual. This is called a thermogenic substance. These effects are found especially when consuming coffee. It is not uncommon for smokers to consume their cigarettes together with coffee. By combining the two, the thermogenic effect is even greater.


Smoking may help reach a more complete feeling of fullness even though cigarettes contain no calories, research shows. This effect is undoubtedly the main cause of the effectiveness. The weight gain when stopping smoking is largely explained by the increased appetite. However, solutions exist to successfully maintain your weight. Smoking also relieves stress . Stress is managed in different ways depending on each person. A good majority indulge in fatty and sugary foods to overcome their ailments. Indeed, this type of food allows the release of dopamine, the pleasure hormone. Naturally, smokers tend to smoke for relaxation, and thus avoid eating anything.


Smoking kills, is a concern for public health in addition to ruining your savings! Carcinogens like carbon monoxide, tar, heavy metals (not to mention the thousands of other molecules), affect your general health. By smoking regularly, your chances of ending up with lung cancer are very high. If you are lucky you will never get anything and you can play the lottery.

Losing weight isn’t just about losing a few pounds! A slim body must above all breathe health.

Here is a list of the main side effects of smoking (the list could be much longer):

Significant risk of respiratory problems . The passage of toxic products in the organs that make up our respiratory system triggers various problems. The risk of infection and allergy is increased. Voice modification is possible.

Significant risk of cancer . The inhalation of carcinogenic substances, such as carbon monoxide, directly impacts the risk of ending up with one (or more) cancer.

Altered taste of food . The olfactory receptors are anesthetized because of the cigarette.

Bone weakening . The risk of femoral neck fracture is greater in smokers.

Hair and skin dryness. The appearance of wrinkles is more marked in smokers.

Reduced absorption of vitamins and minerals . Tobacco directly reduces the assimilation of vitamins, especially vitamin C. Dietary deficiencies are common in smokers.

Dental problems. With luck, maybe yellow teeth will be in fashion?


Smokers tend to believe that quitting smoking makes you fat. This fear is pervasive among most consumers. Know that this is not inevitable and that there are effective solutions to maintain your weight when stopping smoking.

We must identify the causes of this weight gain and find reliable alternatives. Here are the three major causes, mainly arising from the loss of the benefits stated earlier in this article:

Increased appetite

Decreased metabolism

Increased stress

By changing your eating and physical habits, stopping smoking will not have an impact on your figure. Some foods, but also food supplements, exist to make your job easier.


The regulation of body temperature is a component of the energy balance. The fuel needed for the body to function is ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate). It is produced by the mitochondria, the real powerhouses contained in cells, from the proteins, lipids and carbohydrates present in food. It is also the mitochondria, and particularly those contained in specialized cells of adipose tissue, that produce the heat essential to maintain body temperature. Work has shown that nicotine, whether acute or chronic, increases this thermogenic activity. The mitochondria use the resources of food which will therefore no longer be available to create energy. Nicotine is a thermogenic substance. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the cigarette by a food supplement or a drink having the same effect, or simply use a nicotine substitute. Coffee, and especially caffeine, effectively increases basal metabolism. Replace your cigarettes with several cups of coffee, while avoiding drinking more than 10 cups per day. The green tea is also effective for boosting metabolism and destroy body fat. The advantage of tea is that it is less aggressive on the heart compared to coffee. Regular sports activity is ideal for increasing energy expenditure in the form of heat. Sport also strengthens your bones and muscles.


Eating is a complex physiological process necessary for survival. Its functioning depends on the energy balance on the one hand and the its pleasures on the other hand. The energy balance is regulated by hormones secreted by the pancreas, digestive tract and fatty tissue. It is also controlled by reflexes activated by the autonomous nervous system. All of these regulatory signals are integrated in the brain, particularly in the hypothalamus and the nucleus of the solitary tract located in the medulla oblongata for the energy balance. Pleasure, tightly entangled with appetite, is mainly managed by the reward circuit . The use of a new menu in your daily life may help you more than you think, especially if you recently quit. Your mind automatically goes to food in only has in store in memory. By introducting a new menu, which you prepare in advance, it will help you shift to a new diet without having to rely to your imagination. Two simple words to remember in regards to food intake: fiber and protein.

Foods rich in fiber : whole starchy foods (whole rice, whole pasta, sweet potatoes), fruits and vegetables (in large quantities). Fiber helps slow digestion. Slow digestion results in a high satiety index. Use baking as an oppurtuniy to increase rich fiber content.

Lean protein and unsaturated fat. Eat a maximum of white meats, fish, and whole organic eggs. Olive and rapeseed oils are ideal for seasoning your dishes, while cutting your hunger. Do not hesitate to consume small fatty fish for their omega 3 intake.

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