Why Nicotine Mimicking Molecules Might Make Great Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

By NicotineLand | September 3, 2016

Why nicotine-mimicking molecules might make great anti-inflammatory drugs for MS, RA, gout and more “Until the day that science identifies the precise genetic factors that allow some of us to live to be 100 despite the immensely damaging effects of inhaling the particulate byproducts of combusted plant biomaterials also known as “smoking” nobody should smoke. From any rational health care standpoint, it’s a really bad idea. But I’ll let you in on one of the dirty little secrets of medical research: Nicotine a highly addictive substance that keeps tobacco smokers hooked on the habit has actually been shown to have therapeutic...

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A Little Bit About Nicotine

By NicotineLand | March 3, 2016

Okay so nicotine is addictive, highly addictive, and perhaps even more addictive than some hard drugs. A clear distinction right away is that with nicotine, there are no side effects, there is no crash, and you can use it all day long every day for decades on end without any ill effects. You never hear of “crash” or a “down” from ingesting nicotine, in any form (even including smoking). Ever heard of a smoker who said, “I just had a smoke two hours ago and I’m coming down”. That doesn’t exist, but you’ll hear plenty that do say, “I need another cigarette”.  Nicotine...

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