A Little Bit About Nicotine

What Is Nicotine

Okay so nicotine is addictive, highly addictive, and perhaps even more addictive than some hard drugs. A clear distinction right away is that with nicotine, there are no side effects, there is no crash, and you can use it all day long every day for decades on end without any ill effects. You never hear of “crash” or a “down” from ingesting nicotine, in any form (even including smoking). Ever heard of a smoker who said, “I just had a smoke two hours ago and I’m coming down”. That doesn’t exist, but you’ll hear plenty that do say, “I need another cigarette”.  Nicotine is not cocaine, it doesn’t get you high, but simply gives you gentle mind stimuli, so gentle that people can ingest nicotine even moments before bedtime and sleep well. Millions of people ingest nicotine first thing in the morning till a few minutes before bed time, for decades and decades. The problem is that they are using cigarettes to ingest nicotine, not the fact that they are actually ingesting nicotine. This is precisely why the whole haywire of misinformation runs rampant about nicotine.

Cigarettes are cancer. No doubt. Even smokers won’t deny it. The reason they keep smoking is because every smoker knows in the back of their mind that the nicotine cigarettes provide has amazing nootropic effects. It gives the mind a gentle boost and has calming effects and they can simply function better in society, both at work and off work. The relief it gives from anxiety is without a doubt very effective. However cigarettes are a double edged sword. It gives all the benefits from nicotine, but at the same time all the garbage from the smoke.

Everyone knows Walt Disney. He accomplished a lot obviously during his lifetime (although he barely made it to age 65). He was a chain smoker, and died of lung cancer. He created from scratch a multi-billion dollar business that is still running strong 50 years after his death.  Nicotine can make you a very productive and creative person, but no matter how much it helps and the wonder it create in your life, you need make sure it doesn’t come in the form of smoke.

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